Home Features for the Ultimate Pet Owner

The sky’s the limit if you want to update your home to become the ultimate pet haven. Read below for a selection of all things great and small that will have you looking up builders in Melbourne, or hightailing it to your nearest Bunnings.

Food Time

Reimagine the dining area for your little furries by repurposing an old set of drawers to become a functional pet feeding station. A simple version could be a pull out drawer for dry and wet food that can be closed when not in use. More deluxe could feature a retractable food and water shelf, along with a dedicated drawer above for extra supplies. Above on the wall you could store toys, leads and treats. Another option would be to hollow out a side of your kitchen island bench or under your sink for a feeding station.

Home Features for the Ultimate Pet Owner

Lounging Around

Even if your pet sleeps outside, chances are they enjoy a kip during the day like many of us humans! Day beds can be created from hollowed out cabinets, or you might assign them a small tepee or a pallet with added cushioning for a comfy floor based option. The mostdoting pet parent may want to have a custom bed built alongside theirs at the same height. This way you might actually get to spread out in yours while still being in arms reach of your precious animal. A nifty space saving idea can be to erect a pet hammock under a suitable table so your cat or dog can hide away but still view the action. You could also hollow out a little alcove in a window seat, thick wall or even under a staircase to create another cosy refuge for your pet. For an extra luxe addition, add a clear, enclosed bubble balcony to a room in house so your pet can view the great outdoors or catch some zzz’s in the sun.

Wash and Dry

If you’re lucky enough to have a mudroom or large laundry, consider installing a knee height dog shower. This should make bath time a little easier even for the more reluctant bathers as you can have your products and towels (or treats) at the ready, minimising wet time overall. This feature has the added bonus of being on hand for little humans or even adults who find they need to wash exceptionally muddy feet or themselves, prior to tramping dirt through the house to access the main bathroom.

Going one step further is to create a dedicated ‘pet suite.’ Here you could install a separate fridge for pet food and even a television and bed for when you aren’t around to play with them. Other modifications could include built-in, retractable pet gates, the classic doggy dog, miniature spiral staircases or indoor mezzanine spaces (enjoyed by cats especially), or indoor beds of grass. For the tech savvy, set your skype to auto-answer and set up a device in your pet’s favourite hang out spot. Video chat at will!