Excellent Ideas to Start Indoor Gardening

If you have every desire to have an indoor garden, all you need is some indoor garden ideas which can be easily put into action. Indoor gardens add a fresh and vibrant appeal to any home. One can enjoy the scent of fresh flowers inside your home and one can also grow fresh fruits and vegetables from the comfort of your own home. With the improvements in science and technology, one can even grow vegetables inside the house using methods like hydroponic gardening and the help of indoor grow lights.

In order to create a beautiful indoor garden, simply start by choosing the right plants. There are a few conditions which we need to consider while doing so. Living space is one of the main factors which need to be kept in mind as this affects the temperature in the room and the humidity slightly varies. A healthy indoor garden can be maintained with proper care and by provide the essential nutrients on a timely manner.

Excellent Ideas to Start Indoor Gardening

Ideal plants for indoor gardens

Miniature plants can be chosen for indoor planting. Plants like Ivy, Fern, Orchids and various kinds of bonsais can be used as indoor plants. Plants which are potted in containers also need special potting soil. Potting soil and plant food can also be added to these plants and these are absorbed by the plants through the water. These are available very easily at any local nurseries. If your garden is smaller and if you’re indoor plants are not dependent on the indoor temperatures, then taking care of your garden does not require a lot of effort. Some of the other plants which can be used for indoor planting are:

  • The Weeping Fig is an ideal indoor plant which needs utmost no care.
  • Chamaedorea Palm adds to the indoor decor and is best for a tropical themed indoor garden.
  • Chinese Evergreen can be used in homes which has low and bad light conditions.
  • Boston Fern is ideal to be placed in bathrooms or even be used in green houses.
  • Peace Lily which is also known to be an air purifier can be placed indoors and needs very little care.

Indoor organic gardening

Indoor organic gardening is also a hobby among many which comes with many benefits. One can have an own supply of chemical free herbs which are grown right inside your home. There are many herbs which can be grown inside the house without much care. The samplings can be found in local nurseries or can also be purchased through online stores. Let us have a look at some of the examples of such plants which can be used indoors.

  • Lemon Grass – This can be grown indoors in very small containers and needs very little care and water.
  • Mint – Mint leaves are used in every day food by many. These can be grown indoors but are to be grown separately.
  • Basil – Basil is another medical plant which can be grown indoors. This has to be placed where the plant receives a little sunlight.
  • Rosemary – Rosemary can also come handy as an indoor plant as it is used in many cooking activities.

Indoor gardening is a rewarding activity and has many benefits. Start growing and reap the benefits.