Exterior Wood Siding – Beautiful Effects Amplified

Exterior wood siding is basically made from the plywood sheets. It is another building material which is installed in the exterior side of the house; it is used in order to protect the home from the effects of the elements. The siding material is made from various other materials other than the stack of the plywood, such as Vinyl, metals and other products. The wood sliding is more popular due to its beauty and the insulation effects it provides. It is easy to paint and more importantly the installation process is easy which makes it more helpful as well as useful.

Different materials used for exterior wood siding

For constructing the exterior wood siding there are various materials used, if the user wants the wood material to be used then he can use the redwood and cedar; if the user wants the metal then he can choose to have aluminum and steel material to be added to make the siding; apart from that Vinyl and bricks as well as cultured stone can be used too.

The maintenance of the exterior wood siding differs on the basis of material used for making the wood siding. For wood material, the painting should be done every year to have the fresh look. The bricks and Vinyl are the material which does not require much maintenance, but it is advised to have the material painted in order to save it from losing its durability.

Exterior Wood siding

The exterior wood siding is made available with many variations for the customers. The various wood siding includes, clapboard which is a horizontal siding, where the siding pieces are overlaid placed next to each of the piece; the wood sidings are also available with variation in the appearances, like the shakes and the shingles material which appears with a rusty look on it; cove siding, in this type of siding the siding pieces have got rounded depression in between the siding material.

But the decoration of the material should be made in such way which should reflect the design of the house prominently. The installation of the wood siding can be placed diagonally, horizontally and vertically too. The placing of the siding should be done in a reasonable way, for example it is suggested to place the wood siding in a horizontal way in an area where rainfall occurs heavily which will help to drain the rain water preventing the wood from getting affected.

Exterior Wood siding

Exterior Wood siding

The advantage and the disadvantage of exterior wood siding

There are advantages of using the exterior wood siding material since it is biodegradable, in case the wood is left without treating the siding looses it shine and beauty. But on the other hand, in places where the house is subjected to too much of rain and if the wood material is not treated then there would be algae growth and the wood will start rotting in no time.

The cost of installation for exterior wood siding is around $ 3,000 and the price may vary depending on the wood material used for the siding. 1,250 square feet is the standard range for the wood which can be installed for a house.