Wall Shelves Decorating Ideas

Implementing creative wall shelves decorating ideas not only adds personality and style to the room, but can make you the darling of your neighbourhood’s eyes. So without wasting any more time, just go through these awesome wall shelves decorating ideas and see for yourself how spectacular your shelves can turn out to be.

Putting the passions on display

If you are not sure of what to showcase on the shelves, then the first and foremost thing that you can do is to consider the things that you love. The hobbies and interests should come through the accessory choices you make. Kids’ framed artwork, decorative plates, books, boomerang collections or baseball cards can be used.

Wall Shelves Decorating Ideas

Grouping things

The shelf displays can be united by grouping items according to color, theme, shape, material or texture. Like other things being together, it gives the biggest of bangs as it helps in creating a nice and curated feel to the treasures. Light-toned objects work great on brightly painted or dark wood shelves.

Showing off the collections

Any collection, whether it’s buttons or birdcages, shells or sculpture, teacups or transferware, deserves a place of pride inside a house. The secret lies with numbers as anything appears great collectively. The different colors, shapes and sizes play with each other and putting them in groups give an emphasis.

Wall Shelves Decorating Ideas

Going big and bold

Tiny items collect dust and appear as a jumbled clatter. Therefore, you can choose bolder and bigger accessories that will make the shelves to stand out. Tall vases, large art books and substantial pottery can be selected. Smaller items can be given more visual presence by storing them inside a container.

Be odd and forget symmetry

When dealing with wall shelves decorating ideas, instead of matching mirroring objects you can go for asymmetrical ones of seven, five or three objects. Usually, odd numbers are most interesting and balance is what you should be aiming for.

Wall Shelves Decorating Ideas

Vary accessory height

At the time of putting wall shelves decorating ideas into motion, one needs to make sure that items of the exact height are not lined up together. The uniform size can look boring and flat. Different heights can be mixed by contrasting low and high so as to keep them moving. When gathering pieces, you must have an amalgamation of tall, medium and short objects.

Stack books

An item’s stature can be boosted, literally and figuratively by risers. These can be of great help in drawing attention to a specific piece. Books can be used as platform and lacquer or wood boxes as pedestals.

Keeping it simple

Layering accessories gel well in eclectic and traditional settings but for modern and contemporary spaces, the approach can be a more streamlined one.