Ten Tips for Decorating With Texture

Texture is one of the vital aspects of interior design. For adding depth into the interior décor of your rooms through texture, you can follow these simple tips below:

Tips for Decorating With Texture

  1. Using diverse color paints: Decorating all the rooms with two or three types of paint helps you to obtain desired effects.
  2. Selecting a specific look: For obtaining a warm feeling and look of coziness, it is appropriate to use natural fabrics, plush fabrics and good quality tiles for adding texture in your house.
  3. Adding glaze: For gaining a pleasant visual texture, it is important to add glaze into the wall paints. So that it can lead to the formation of stunning impact.
  4. Using Nature: You can derive inspiration from nature to add texture into your rooms in the form of feathers, horns, stones, shells, birch branches and cotton blossoms.
  5. Emphasizing on ceiling: It is the most essential wall in your rooms. For infusing a textured feeling, you can use complementary shades or colors for achieving a contrasting look.
  6. Focusing on ground: If the flooring of your house is done with natural wood, then to make it beautiful and gain the required textured effect, you must put a colorful rug.
  7. Getting scent effect: For adding subtle texture into your room, the use of scented oil candles is very important to create a pleasing environment.
  8. Unique lighting: Positioning of different lighting apparatus adds a special look into your house. It is better to place them in appropriate room locations.
  9. Knob swapping: It is the simplest way that involves inter-changing the existing knobs of furniture and doors.
  10. Avoid repeating: For creating a more eye-grabbing impact, it is wise to refrain from following similar design patterns in all parts of your rooms.