Creative Interior Decoration Ideas – 2014

The rooms of a home can be rendered a classic and fresh elegance by the use of creative interior decoration that makes use of art pieces for transforming the look of the home. There are a number of ideas that can be used for bringing about an enhancement in the look of the home. Art prints and posters are very important to be used in homes because they form the main elements of interior designing that can render great warmth to the home. The room can be decorated exclusively and differently by the use of creative interior decoration ideas – 2014 that have been discussed below.


Use of leaning art

The walls of a room are never given much importance while trying to decorate the room but it has to be taken into consideration that the walls of a room have an important role to play in the décor of the room. Walls are not meant for display art but it is also possible to place pictures on floors and lean them on furniture and walls. Two pieces of art that possess different sizes can be leaned over each so as to cover each other but allowing most of the art to be visible. This is called leaning art and this kind of art is considered to be very unique for rooms and homes.

Using art on gallery ledge and shelf

A shelf or gallery ledge can be mounted or fixed on the wall and pictures can be placed on the shelf or ledge to offer a new look to the wall and even to the entire room. The pictures can be arranged randomly by allowing some of them to lap over each other. Pictures that possess different sizes can be used for this purpose where the pictures that are small in size can be placed in front. Pictures can also be arranged on the shelf of the fireplace.

Use hanging apparatus creatively

Hanging apparatus can also be used for the décor of the living room and the bedroom. Hanging apparatus can be used for the purpose of exhibiting art work. A horizontal bar can be used across the wall and it should be very close to the ceiling. The hanging apparatus and the art on it should be supported by two ropes and this would offer the apparatus a contemporary look and would appear much like a gallery installation. This type of decoration also does not require the need to holes that are very unsightly.

Use of ribbons

Ribbons can also be used for the décor of the rooms by using them on the windows and the doors but this should be done in an elegant manner otherwise the decoration would turn out to be very ugly and crazy. The pictures placed on the shelf and the walls can be wrapped up with ribbons or they can also be hung by the use of ribbons giving them a distinct look.

Use of unique décor

There are many unique pieces of art available throughout the world and such pieces are available at an expensive price also. Such pieces can be bought and further be used for the decoration of rooms and living spaces. There are ancient art works of art also available that can always make up for the décor of the home and these things always rank first among creative interior decoration ideas for 2014 or for any year to come.