Best Home Décor Ideas with Plastic

It was just another vacuuming day for Sally when she decided to take her cleaning to the next level. Rather than simply dusting and mopping floor, she opened her kids’ cupboards. She was surprised at the numerous plastic bottles and their caps stashed in various forms by her cuties. The little ones were just not ready to part with them as they had umpteen ideas on their minds to carve a beautiful butterfly or sculpt a nice bouquet of plastic flowers for their plain-walled space. Even kids today know that plastic can serve us much after the contents in it are emptied. If you, too, belong to Sally’s brigade, you will be happy to pick some of the best plastic home décor ideas described below.

Candle Holder

Sometimes, the entire plastic bottle can’t be put to use when intact. Cut the bottle at 1/3rd its length from the top and then let your scissors give it a nice wavy effect. Choose a candle with your favourite fragrance and fit this cut bottle onto it. Give it an icy effect with emery paper and decorate it with coffee beans. Raffia ribbon and dry lemon pieces take its look to a higher plane. This candle holder, ideal for subtle illuminating, will elevate the moods of a memorable romantic dinner!

Best Home Décor Ideas with Plastic

Make your Pin Board Attractive:

A pin board is a reminder of notices and project deadlines. Rather than serve as a simple prompt, why not give it an attractive look with plastic flowers? Cut the bottom part of the coke or Pepsi bottle. Make a small hole in the middle and fix a bright button. Trim the corners artistically using candle and scissors and shape them well. Making them might get a bit complicated with hot glue guns, sharp scissors and candle but the end result is sure to give a decorated look to your pin board.

Flower Vase

A plastic flower vase is one of the simple and most beautiful creations that you can ever make out of plastic bottles. Cut the plastic bottle and give it a slightly twisted shape using a candle. Then colour it up in golden and brown hues. The twisted contours and the magical golden hue are the secret of its artistic look. So cool and perfect for an autumn flower bouquet.


Reused plastic bottles with broad shapes can be carved into effective baskets that hold the regular school supplies, knickknacks or just anything that fits. You can also cut shampoo bottles made of plastic and create a cute kids’ pencil organiser. Just be sure to have scissors, colours and a double sided tape or something strong to mount them. They help your house stay greener and more organised.

Solar Light Bulb:

Bright and transparent plastic bottles can also make good light bulbs. Incredible! Just punch a hole on its surface and ensure the seal is tight. Diffuse sunlight throughout the room and see your plastic bottle act as light bulb without consuming any power. To give an artsy tinge, paint the bottle with layers of different colours. The effect of this solar bulb will be just scintillating.

Look beyond the obvious use of plastic bottles as beverage containers. Limit not your art. Plastic bottles offer a wonderful gateway to your talent while reducing the amount of waste in your house and channelizing it to appealing home décor. Right from the drawing hall to study room to the backyard, plastic offers wonderful home décor ideas.