The Brilliance of Renaissance Architecture

There are many great building across the world which use Renaissance architecture as it clearly reflects the rebirth of classical architecture in many ways. Below is a brief introduction of the style that is dominated both by the design and the theory.

The Renaissance remains a landmark event in the world history. It was a cultural movement that lasted between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries and offered a new dimension to the thinking of man. The age of the Renaissance was the age of ‘new learning’. The classical influence of Greece and Rome was cast on the architecture of the time as well. The ruins of this architectural style can still be found in the United Kingdom and the United States. However, the Renaissance architecture had its uniqueness because the themes and the principles underlying the architecture changed according to the modern thinking pattern of man.

One of the foremost features of this style of architecture is that it laid particular emphasis on geometrical proportion. The architectural features became more intense and elaborate. The use of domes has been noted after the medieval age. This domed structure is seen both in the interior as well as the exterior framework. The effect and success of the domed style of Renaissance style architecture may be noted in the construction of Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Cathedral in Florence

The pilasters and the columns of the Renaissance buildings may be said to be influenced by the classical style. There were three parts of a column- base, shaft, and capital. Another striking feature that was made popular and famous by the Cathedral of Pienza was the Façade. The Facades are both symmetrical and organized.

Another important feature of Renaissance architecture is the structural arches that are semi-circular in shape. The walls and the ceiling showed beautiful paintings which pronounced their love and admiration for art. The paintings on the ceiling during the Renaissance also reflect the strong influence of the Classical art on them. These paintings on the ceilings can be seen as the rebirth of the ancient Classical tradition. However, this was not untarnished by the imagination, thinking, and the philosophy of the particular age.

The windows in the Renaissance period featured their characteristic semi circular arch. Such features had their usefulness besides offering a good view of the outside. The doors and the windows too were designed in a manner such that they captivated the eyes of the onlookers.

Italy and Florence were the first places where the Renaissance style architecture was first consummated. Such magnificent were the buildings that the architectural style soon became popular and spread across the neighboring cities too. The style was quickly adapted. The architectural features became phenomenal such that it extended to the countries in Europe as well. Renaissance architecture did not just symbolize the stronghold of the Classical tradition of ancient Greece and Rome but also symbolized the progress of man who had left behind the age old hindering traditions and beliefs.