Green Eco Architecture Is a Good Solution for Global Warming

These days, the architects emphasize more on green architecture or eco architecture designs.

The world is getting smaller these days; scientifically the impact of Global Warming has forced the architects to adapt ecological changes in the architecture in order to make this world a much better place to live. Now, almost all the architecture and construction firms always follow strict environmental guidelines while planning and designing the architectural designs and constructions. The use of recycled material and green house technique are some of the examples associated with the green architecture or eco architecture.

Green Eco Architecture

In the much broader view, the green architecture which is also called eco architecture and sustainable architecture, directly deals with the environmental friendly designs and use of eco friendly materials in the construction and also minimizes the negative effects on environment. The idea behind following the eco architecture is to make the future bright for the next generations by reducing the carbon foot print.

Conservation of energy through green architecture

One of the most important objectives of eco architecture is the conservation of energy. The environmental experts and specialists always insist on preserving the energy more in order to make it available for the future generations before it drains out completely. We all know that they are in abundance, but the rate at which they are being exhausted there will be left only minimum resources in the next 100 years. Keeping this in mind, these days the architecture uses the dynamic interior designs in homes, buildings and offices. These designs allow more free flow of natural light inside for maximum hours during the day which will reduce the use of lighting systems and preserve energy. Likewise in the green architecture, the stress is given on more open ventilation inside the buildings – house or offices.

This allows more inflow of fresh air inside the structure and leaves no room for congestion hence provides plenty of ventilation. This also allows for the less use of air conditioners and heaters thus reducing the energy conservation and so the carbon footprint.

Eco architecture and the use of renewable energy systems and devices

Most of the green architecture designs these days insist on the inbuilt renewable energy resources like solar panels, eco blinds and wind turbines. The solar panels installed on the roofs of the buildings are a good way to heat water and get the power backup for some electric devises. The heat panels also allow the use of less fiber and plastic materials which are not considered environmental friendly.  Like solar panels, the use of small wind turbines is also used in the eco architecture. These wind turbines are normally installed on top of tall buildings where flow of wind is enough to produce a decent amount of energy and power back up to the building.