Interior Door Handle and How to Choose Door Handle

Selecting a interior door handle likened to choose a cat is most appropriate for a shirt. Buttons may not choose clothes suitable for women but applied to the shirt. Will look strange. For that we must consider many things in deciding handle that fits to our door.

Beside noticed handle design that fits with the design of the door, also take into account the location of the house. For example, a house on the beach it is advisable to use a handle made of stainless steel, because the coastal environment contains high levels of oxidation and corrosion are high. If using the handle in addition to stainless steel can make a quick door handle rusty.

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Here we will give information about the door handles along with the advantages and disadvantages that you should know, so you will not go wrong in choosing the handle to the door of your home.

Brass Interior Door Handles

Brass: Brass is often considered material that is easy to rust, when in fact the brass does not rust, but can be oxidized, causing the color to change. Perhaps because of the discoloration that often people think of rust. Whereas if polished back, the color will be pulled back.

When compared to stainless steel, brass powers still holds, but still better than the zinc alloy and aluminum. Although it is quite strong, this material is easily shaped into various models, by adding carving also vary.

Zinc Alloy: Certainly the uninitiated Zinc alloy wondered what it Zinc Alloy? Zinc Allay material is a mixture of brass and iron. The material is lighter than stainless steel, but still easily shaped and colored. For this reason this material is classified materials are widely used in the industry handle.

Aluminum:  Aluminum is a material that does not rust, but unfortunately very easily oxidized so the color quickly faded. The material is not quickly broken, but easily bent. If not coated properly, will be easily scratched. Ingredients exist that appear without coating or some are layered. The function of the layer is so that the handle can be more durable, while providing color. A relatively strong layer is titanium and PVD. And the advantages of this material that has a relatively low price compared to the three other ingredients.

Stainless Steel: The advantages of this material is stronger than the other three materials. Besides durability in various weather changes and corrosion is very good, so it is not easy to rust. But it has the disadvantage that these materials are very difficult to be formed. Therefore, handle made of stainless steel has the simplest form. A minimalist design which is too simple and modest very suitable to use this material. The concentration of iron in the mix determines the strength of the stainless steel against rust.

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After learning some of the handle material, now is the time to know some tips about treatments handle. What is permissible and what is not.

– Handle needs to be cleaned every day, but use a dry cloth to clean the dust from entering into the pores of the handle.

– Do not use acidic chemicals such as paint thinner and scrape especially if the handle is made of non-stainless steel and given the outer layer. Improper chemicals can damage the coating on the handle.

– Do not let the handle is attached when doing the painting on the door. Splashes of paint or other wood finishing can ruin the look of the handle, sometimes even into the cylinder (key hole) so that damage to the lock system.

– Avoid the door handle of the collision, and sharp objects such as a hammer, screwdriver, razor blades, scissors, sandpaper and others

– Avoid wrapping the handle with duct tape or masking tape. Adhesion to the masking tape can damage the lining of the handle.