Investing into Land versus Stock Markets Proving Profitable

For those who may not have a large pocket budget to go spending into stocks and other investment opportunities, buying land may be an investment opportunity you want to consider. From the UK to the United States to Canada, people are buying parcels of land at considerably reasonable prices and in turn making a good profit down the road.

Land is something that is always going to be needed. As populations continue to grow, the demand for land grows as well. There is a growing mismatch between demand and land availability, leading to a large shortage of affordable, well priced housing throughout the globe. A result, high real estate prices. Higher real estate prices means potential market for land purchases.

Investing into Land

Underdeveloped areas are becoming more popular for land purchases and you’ll most likely see more “land for sale” signs popping up over time. Farmers’ fields are being converted into land sales and town growth, and over time a great investment for all land buyers.

Land prices can vary heavily in actual price, making it easier to invest into. Those with deeper pockets can of course buy larger pieces of land, but in the end those with smaller pockets could make equal to those with bigger investments. It all depends on the actual location of the land being bought.

A study was done in the UK on the existing trends of land for sale, which has reassured enterprising investors about the overall strength and growth of land value in the past two decades of land sales. The continued growth in value is promising for those not only considering investing, but hoping to make a profit on their purchases.

Overall risk? This is one of the biggest benefits and key reasons people are investing in land over stock markets. There is minimal risk in land investing as planning permission must be granted by local councils. This means land investors have the opportunity to get a return ten times their original investment amount. Undeveloped land also increases in value over time, meaning even if there is no planned development; getting your investment back is likely.

There is vacant land for sale all across Canada, the UK and the United States, making it an investment opportunity for just about anyone. There is no lack in opportunity and a great way to get your feet wet in the investment industry in a less risky market.