Libeskind and Armani/Casa Transform the Metro Manila Skyline

In the Philippines, Metro Manila is a city enjoying a new dawn of architectural greatness. These days its skyline is transforming in fast and radical ways.

Take, for example, the handful of luxury developments by one company– Century Properties. Run by Chairman Jose E.B. Antonio and his four sons, Century has made a name for itself in the Philippines and South East Asia as a developer of finely-crafted, brand-powered towers. Its impressive partnership roster includes Versace Home, Trump, MissoniHome, yoo inspired by Starck and more recently, Armani/Casa.

Robbie Antonio, managing director and one of the four siblings who jointly run the company, is largely responsible for the partnerships that have put his company on the glamour map.

“The idea is to contribute to the transformation of the city,” he explains. “That’s what it’s all about, to let the residents of Metro Manila have impeccable living options and to let the world know that we’re a progressive metropolis.”

Century Spire is the company’s latest offering. Designed by master architect Daniel Libeskind (the man behind the new World Trade Center master plan and the Denver Art Museum) together with local architects, the residential tower situated in Makati City is interior designed by Armani/Casa. The two names are famed in their own right but together they make an extraordinary collaboration.

The building itself is as far from a traditional spire as one can get. Rather than narrow into a fine point at the top it actually “blossoms” out like a flower, with boxy, geometrical shapes jutting out of the tower’s crown. These will undoubtedly be filled with special lofts that benefit greatly from the angular windows, natural lighting and amazing views.

Inside the central amenities will sport the classy, Armani/Casa feel. Judging from the renders, there’s a very refined, executive, and relaxing feel to the interior design. The colors are said to be inspired by Giorgio Armani’s 2013 fall collection.

“Century Spire is a very unique building,” says Robbie Antonio. “It’s a work of art that will stand in unique contrast against the city skyline.”