5 Creative ways to Add Value to Your Home

There are lots of ways to add value to your home, such as giving the walls a fresh coat of paint or clearing out clutter. However, if you’ve already made these improvements and are looking for some more creative ways to add value, you can often find neglected areas in your home and make improvements there. Take a look at these five creative ways to add value to your home.

Add Glam to Your Ceiling

Image via Flickr by Crown Molding

The majority of homes have plain white ceilings that are nothing extraordinary. So, this is one space in your home that you can really make stand out. You can add value to your home by adding crown molding or some other interest to the ceiling. Ceiling improvements will not go unnoticed by potential buyers and they will also make your home more sellable because they make your home easier to show.

Install a Home Security System

Image via Flickr by CR Artist

A home security system isn’t the first thing you think about when trying to add value to your home, but it’s an easy way to do so. People like to know they are secure and if there is already a security system in place, it shows potential buyers that you cared about your home and wanted to protect it. Plus, it saves them a couple hundred dollars in having one installed themselves. You can look at some good home security systems at http://www.selecthomesecurity.com.

Buy Upgraded Window Treatments

Image via Flickr by Our United Villages

A lot of people buy cheap blinds at their local supercenter for their windows, but that doesn’t add any value to your home. If you spend a bit more money on custom wood blinds that have an up-scale feel, you can add value to your home. Potential buyers like to see permanent blinds that are wood and high quality. It is those little details that help you sell a home.

Create Custom Organization in Your Closets

Storage space is one major thing that home buyers look for in a new home. However, most people neglect to make their closets a glowing feature. You can add value to your home by giving your closets a fresh paint job and then adding organization through new shelves, bars, cubbies, drawers, etc. Yes, visitors don’t usually open your closets, but potential buyers definitely do.

Replace All the Doorknobs and Hinges with Matching Ones