Make Moving Fun

I am what you might describe as quite a well established house mover. I have lived in over fifteen different houses which racks up as a move every other year, pretty good going really. So I am definitely speaking from experience when I say that moving can be tiresome, hard work and full of stress. It sometimes feels like Groundhog Day as seemingly all of the spare time in the world goes into making up more cardboard boxes and buying yet more brown tape.

But moving doesn’t have to be this way! Yes there are all of the practicalities to sort out, but let a reputable and all in one style company help you out with this to ease your burden. Try Lets Move You who aim to do just that as quickly and easily as possible, taking care of all of the legal side of things leaving you free to concentrate on the physical aspect of upping and moving shop.

Make Moving Fun

So what of this make moving fun then, I hear you say? Well take a looksie at the ideas below to get your ideas flowing and then see where it takes you!

  • Go all Mary Poppins and snap the job is a game! Start making up silly songs or dances as you are packing and soon everyone involved will be in high spirits. You could even reward the troops with an evening viewing of the film that inspired your actions.
  • Hide surprises around the house; perhaps lovely notes for your partner or sweets for children. As soon as they find one, they will be so keen to find the others that whoosh all the packing magically speeds up!
  • Throw a house moving party and invite all of your friends around. Volunteer to feed and water them for the night if each friend can pack one box.
  • When the house is an empty shell don’t risk feeling sad at the loss. Instead, make the most of the empty space by spinning round wildly with your arms out and seeing who can do the most rotations?
  • On the last night in the house camp out in the family room making a den with all of your bedding and sheets and telling stories by torchlight. Share your happy memories of the house you are leaving and your hopes for the future too.
  • On the first day in your new pad, take photos and start a house scrap book of memories.

These are just a few of my favourites but there are so many things you can do to make this potentially painful event fun for everyone involved. Good luck with the big day!