Investments In Bespoke & Luxury House Building – More Information

Currently In England (United Kingdom) particularly in areas such as Cheshire and Yorkshire there is an increased demand for individuals looking for bespoke house building services and luxury house building services.

Why The Increase In Demand?

The increase in demand for such services is considered to be due to the fact that there are more and more people looking to house more people in one home as opposed to having people live in separate properties (In both Cheshire & Yorkshire there is a concentration of affluent individuals who wish to build their home from scratch instead of buying a “ready built” property”).

Another area in which people are investing more and more is “home improvement” with people investing in structural improvements such as “loft conversion” and “basement conversion”, also “home extensions” are another area in which homeowners are committing significant sums of money.

bespoke house building services

What Is A “Bespoke House” Or A “Luxury Home”?

In basic terms, a “bespoke house build” is when a home is built from the point of being brand new but “built to specification” by the client, this is when the client produces (usually working with an architect) a plan for the house to be built to, and from there the plans are passed over to the bespoke house building team and the construction of the new build home begins.

The Term “Luxury Home” implies that the property being built has elements that are considered luxury, many people choose to have such elements as an indoor gym, or an indoor swimming pool, others choose to have the basement already converted into a bar or an extra dining area, the possibilities are limitless.

So What Are Bespoke Or Luxury House Builders?

Bespoke/Luxury Home builders are generally building companies’ that have experience in more complex home construction that usually includes features you don’t find on more standard properties.

Here you will find bespoke house builders in Cheshire & luxury home builders in Yorkshire, there are a number of companies’ out there in circulation that are capable of handling luxury new build homes, but the above has received critical acclaim for their services.

Many luxury house projects are larger scale new build homes with many customized features and multiple bedrooms built on extended pieces of land.

In Cheshire there are many areas such as “Alderley edge” “Mobberly” “Congleton” & “Hale” where there are a great many individuals looking for investment opportunities in land and property development, this is due to the concentration of affluent and “High net worth” individuals in those areas.

In Yorkshire, there are also “high net worth” individuals looking to invest in the purchasing of land and the development of property, areas such as: Knaresborough, Roundhay, Gledhoe & Whetherby, & other areas around the Leeds area.

 luxury house building services

Advantages Of Luxury Home Build Projects:

  • You are able to choose the features which will be included in the build of your property, such as circular stair case (spindles) any orangeries or conservatories, the internal decorations and the paint work from one room to the next (colour schemes and the paint used). It is basically as though you have chosen what will be included in the property itself from start to finish.
  • The end result is often spectacular and you will undoubtedly impress your friends and colleagues with a luxury or bespoke house build.
  • The home can be as spacious or as compact as you choose with the plans being agreed and signed off by yourself (the developer) before the project begins, meaning you have full visibility over the plans for the build itself along with the process of the build itself.
  • You will have an exact breakdown of the work being carried out along with the costs associated with the project and estimated time-frames to completion.
  • The work carried out (more than likely) will feature a guarantee from the building company meaning that if there are any structural or internal issues with the property they will come out to fix the problem with no extra charges.

Disadvantages Of Bespoke House Builds:

  • Generally, a bespoke build house will be more expensive than a home that was not “built to specification” this is due to the fact that the requirements of a bespoke house can command a higher cost not only for materials but also labour costs (as you may imagine).
  • You will almost certainly need to apply for planning permission for your new build luxury home, in Yorkshire and Cheshire this is a common occurrence (that is, applications being received by the local authority for new build luxury and bespoke homes) so the local planning authority will have all the required skills and capacities to deal with your request, and the architect will be able to advise you on getting the project approved by the planning permission authority.
  • Unless you are already the owner of land in either Cheshire or Yorkshire, you may need to purchase some land to build the home on, this generally is not a complex procedure however it means that you will need to spend money on a piece of land before you even begin the process of building the property.

All in all bespoke home builds are becoming an increasingly popular trend for individuals living in Cheshire and Yorkshire, for people anywhere considering having a new build home built to order, you should first take into account the following points and adhere to the below advice:

a) Have a contingency budget – it is always a good practices to have a contingency of around 10% before undertaking a project of this magnitude.

b) Make sure all parties are clear on the demands of the project – you don’t want to make the mistake of mis-communication at any stage of proceedings when it comes to the build of a luxury property, the smallest mistake or mis-understanding can become a larger issue (that can cost extra to fix) once the project is underway.

c) Make sure the people you work with are reputable with a good track record of successful projects, as elementary as it sounds it is important to ensure that the building company (and the architect(s)) for that matter have experience in handling the kind of home building project you wish to have carried out.