5 Things House Buyers Hate About Your Home

If you’re struggling to sell your property, the harsh reality is that you and your home could be the root of the problem. Take a few seconds to check you’re not making any of the following fatal mistakes.

1. Pampered Pets

If the people viewing your house aren’t pet lovers, but can see that you let your little Lassie roll around on carpets, climb the stairs and scratch at doors, you’ve instantly made your house a write-off. Non-animal lovers won’t take too kindly to a house that has a faint aroma of dog, in the same way that a non-smoker wouldn’t be interested in a house with yellow ceilings and the pungent smell of tobacco filling every room.

2. Neglected Chores

The process of selling a house is stressful, so it’s understandable that the chores might get a little neglected. This could be fatal to your plans though, as mess, dirt and general unkemptness doesn’t paint your home in its best light to potential buyers.

House Buyers Hate About Your Home

3. Lack of Curb Appeal

The same goes for the outside of your house, and a front garden filled with weeds and a cracked cement driveway will just add to your viewers’ mental ‘needs work’ list. A house that’s pretty on the outside is likely to attract passersby who are looking for a new home too, so you can even think of your home’s curb appeal as an additional marketing tool.

4. Disastrous Décor

House buyers are fickle beings, as you’ll probably know. What that means for you though, is that any décor that’s going to take them some serious effort to rectify is likely to put them off. Wallpaper and brightly coloured carpets in every room make for a big redecorating job, so do the work for them before you sell up.

5. Hovering Owners

There’s nothing worse than a hovering house owner when you’re viewing a home, so next time, make sure you’re out and leave it to the estate agent. If you’re managing the viewings yourself, give the buyers some space to explore themselves and make a decision away from your watchful eyes.

If all else fails despite doing everything by the book, you can always sell your house fast using Property Rescue. You’ll never win them all, and after years of trying, sometimes it’s best to go for the quick sell and move onto the next chapter of your life.