Solar Plane Flies Over Golden Gate Bridge

The Swiss-designed solar plane known as Solar Impulse flew over Golden Gate Bridge as part of some demonstration activity. The plane flew more than three thousand feet above Golden Gate which took off from Moffet Field.

Solar plane over Golden Gate bridge

The overall weight of the plane is 3,500 pounds and the plane consists of wingspan of Boeing 747. The four motors included within the plane are capable of generating power of 10 horsepower.

It is expected that the Solar Impulse will try to circumnavigate the earth in the year 2015. The cockpit of the plane is capable of accommodating only one person.

The plane is capable of travelling at speeds of 35m/hr which is almost half that of airship Hindenburg. Even though the plane looks lean and mean but when measured from one wingtip to another it wider than some jumbo jetliner.

The power of the plane is derived from 12,000 solar cells having a thickness of human hair. The energy gets stored in lithium polymer battery.

The trip which expected to take place in the year 2015 will include five days of non-stop flight and definitely some nervous nights while flying over the Pacific Ocean. This is only the beginning of such an endeavour and the future still remains unknown.