Soft House – A New Approach to Urban Living

A new building project dubbed as the Soft House by the Boston-based KVA Matx architects has embraced what is known to be the latest in the field of renewable energy technology. The architects at KVA have come up with a soft architectural façade for their award-winning project.


The project which is now open for public in Germany was earlier exhibited at the International Building Exhibition (IBA) design competition where it won the first prize.

The building’s façade is made of soft wood that is accompanied by a soft exterior that is movable, making it the first of its kind in soft architecture. This exterior, which has a solar tracking system, is made of photovoltaic textile strips that can change their position according to the orientation of the Sun.

KVA Matx founding principal Sheila Kennedy believes that the new project is a new trend in sustainable urban living, reported designbuildingsource.

She also added that the cities and urban housing have to be more flexible and durable and have to properly respond to the changes that occur in the field of architecture.

The design of the Soft House makes it completely energy efficient as the structure has four three-storey units that are built to Passivhaus standards.

The façade of the building makes use of spruce timber which can be recycled completely. The wood is an eco friendly alternative to concrete, brick and steel exteriors.