QTECT Soon to Launch and Start Recruiting Interior and Architectural Designers

The online market place of QTECT interior and architectural design will be launched soon which promises to level playing field for commercial and residential remodelling and construction projects of different sizes.

National design competitions are launched by this web based platform on buyer’s behalf, enabling buyers to compare and solicit customized designs for different projects like building renovations, kitchen remodelling as well as redoing their bathroom.


The designer is expected to charge buyers around ten to twenty percent of construction cost. This might help buyers to skip consultation from professional buyers and depend on contractors who explain the critical details and dismiss regulations and building codes.

Nearly twenty percent are independent designers looking for various project opportunities like rehabilitations, additions and renovations but are unable to gain a foothold in the market.

With the launch of QTECT, commercial developers and home owners will be able to put forward their designing requirements on an automated platform and allow the creation of 3D project presentations by the qualified designers from QTECT.

Out of these designs, buyers compare and select the top three. Apart from showcasing their work, the designers will get feedback throughout different phases of designing process to make sure that highest standards are maintained.