Noble Cause Behind OpenBrook’s Outdoor Furniture Site Launch outdoor furniture website recently opened with a mission to transform the world through the process of charitable giving.

Their mission is to feed a child and plant a tree with every sale. It offers modern patio furniture that reflects elements of quality and sustainability in every sense of the word. Through the page “Open Earth Commitment”, they are giving full details of their ethical and charitable business pledge. outdoor furniture

The company partnered with the charity “Love Without Boundaries”, which works for the orphans in China. Through that, they will be providing nutritious meals in schools. They also teamed-up with the organization “”, to plant a donated tree with every purchase. They are also giving the customers the option in choosing recycled furniture and Carbon Neutral Shipping.

The company’s leading entertaining and lifestyle expert, Ashleigh Lynn was happy and felt honored in being able to initiate a difference with the website and also with their business.

Lynn, who is also a resident blogger, praised her team and added that they had undergone some great difficulty to get the website launch-ready, but was successful in designing a beautiful site and the very-best-of furniture. The company, founded in 2012, aims to give customers luxury patio furniture at affordable prices.