Nature evoked in home décor by designers

You would certainly love the home décor trends this year this year if you are one of the armchair naturalists. The flora, fauna, along with the entire nature has been captured in illustration, photography, clay, and metal. These subtle designs have translated themselves to serve as wall décor ranging between serene and startling.

Clinton Friedman’s Durban garden shelters over 250 trees along with 150 tender species. His close-up clicks take as their materials freshly pulled roots, desiccated leaves, and flower heads. West Elm has also collaborated with Friedman on a collection of pillows previously. In the present season they offer Friedman’s aloe plant prints in square white frames of 28 inches.


Christina Facella, based in New York, has been the model-maker and illustrator at the Natural history Museum of New York for her porcelain animal skulls collection. Many a denizen of the North America’s wild gets into her work including beavers, bobcats, and coyotes.

The old post office at stony Run that has been transformed into a studio by David, D’Imperio, the lighting sculptor, showcasing such unusual shapes in lightening as that of honeycomb, moth wings, and crystals. The International Contemporary Furniture Fair Held in the city of New York this spring showcased the Ice rug, drawing inspiration from the frozen water surface, by Barbara Barran, the local designer.