Move Loot, the Popular Furniture Reseller is set to be Acquired

Among the most innovative ideas that rose to popularity, Move Loot is set to be acquired. The business involved online secondhand furniture market place offering full range of service pickups, storage, listing services for both buyers and sellers. The company although had been quite successful in gaining popularity had been in the news for a few issues recently. The company had recently released a news that an acquisition was under process and would be completed within a few weeks. However, this news has left a few customers frustrated. Users have already been complaining about the inability of listing merchandise over the website and the problems they were facing for delivering items.

Move Loot


Most customers have been shocked as the company has not been transparent about the current situation. There have been reports that the website has been responding over the social media platforms about the issues related to the services and the website. However, they have repeatedly been ignoring the complaints lodged by its customers. Several Twitter users have already complained that for the sold items over Move Loot they have never heard from the company regarding the pickup. Social Media has a series of angry customers openly sharing their views about this acquisition. The CEO, Bill Bobbitt has went on records to say that the company is expecting this acquisition completed soon.

He went on to say that if the entire process goes through properly, there is a lot of work that it would need to be done for undoing the damage that has already been caused. Move Loot has already raised an amount of $22 million through outside funding from Metamorphic Ventures, IDG Capital Partners, Sherpa Capital, and others. However, he remains positive, that this acquisition is essential to help improve the present state of the company.