Investments in Green Building Projects Expected to Reach $ 26 Billion, in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the investments in buildings projects that are environment friendly are set to touch one hundred billion riyals or twenty six billion dollars. In total, there are seventy six projects out of which forty three are based in Riyadh.

Green building is referred to the method of creating and making use of resource-efficient and healthier models of renovation, construction, maintenance, demolition and operation.


Green building projects throughout the world has reached forty thousand five hundred as per reports from al-Fadl. Majority of the projects happened in North Africa whereas projects in the Middle East numbers to one thousand three hundred fifty.

Reports from Saudi officials state that five percent of green building projects of Middle East took place in Saudi Arabia. Reports from al-Fadl state that there is a scarcity of Saudi engineers specializing in green building and presently, there are nearly one hundred and fifty such engineers. However, the number is expected to rise to one thousand by next three years.

Currently, more than two hundred engineers are undergoing training every year.

The constructions of these buildings are two to thirteen percent costlier than normal buildings. But as they are sustainable and economic on the long run, construction and infrastructure projects are taking place rapidly to make Jeddah an environment friendly city.