Green Building Council SA Introduces Two New Green Building Courses

The Green Building Council of South Africa has newly introduced two courses on green buildings namely ‘Greening Existing Buildings’ and ‘Economics of Green Building’ in response to the growing needs.

Green building courses

The new courses, together with the council’s other important courses that are offered regularly will start in Johannesburg and Cape Town during May and June.

The course ‘Greening Existing Buildings’ will be offered as a full-day interactive course presented by the Council and will showcase some of the performance improving and the greening techniques for the existing constructions.

Applicants will be taught how to optimize water and energy efficiency together with ways to identify low-cost and no cost improvements. The participants will also be taught how to implement waste management policies and make sustainable purchasing. The course will be offered on 10 May in Cape Town and on 06 June 2013 in Johannesburg. It is suitable for developers, architects, engineers, contractors, owners, property managers, facility managers and also for tenants.

The course on ‘Economics of Green Building’ is a half-day course that briefs on financial motivation for green buildings. It will be offered on 03 June in Johannesburg and on 26 June 2013 in Cape Town.