Fighting Furniture Fires with Nano Coating Made Easier

We all are aware of the fact that furniture cushions are made from flammable polyurethane foam which spread the fire once it gets burned at high temperatures. This quality is often termed as melt dripping.

It is essential to treat the furniture foam by flame retardant chemicals which although prevents fire can be harmful for human health. Striking figures revealed by U.S. National Fire Protection Association estimates that about 17,300 fires each year takes place due to upholstery and beddings.

Fighting Furniture Fires with Nano Coating Made Easier

The figures further indicated that about 871 deaths and a loss of about a million dollars in property takes place only due to this reason.

Recently Grunlan had quoted that he and his team have developed a sulphur based polymer & chitosan which is a carbohydrate polymer which are found within crustacean shells.

The new coating which they have released is expected to be environmentally friendly, which is an alternative to toxic chlorine and the bromine based flame retardants which have been used as furniture foam.

Further, Grunlan stated that the nanocoating functions which has been invented creates a gas blanket as an attempt for starving the surface to burn the object of the oxygen. It certainly seems practical as we already know that if there is no oxygen there would be no fire.