Energy Efficiency Is the Key to a Bright Future: IEA

Energy efficiency is the best way to make sure that there is increased energy security; extended energy supply, lower carbon emissions, mitigate climate change and cleaner air. Energy efficiency can even lead to low energy bills, reduced infrastructure investment, enhance consumer welfare and increase competitiveness.


However, the most important thing is to ensure that citizens, industry and government take the necessary steps to save energy consumption. International Energy Agency has already started a global move through which it plans to save on energy consumption in industry, transport, buildings and appliances. Greater energy efficiency helps to reduce dependence on energy supply, reduces fossil fuel usage and much more.

The IEA has presented twenty five energy efficiency recommendations to twenty eight IEA members. The recommendation identifies the best policy approaches and practise to help with the cause of energy efficiency. If these recommendations are fully adopted then it could actually result in saving a trillion dollar in annual energy expenses. Application of a fraction of these recommendations does not require any breakthroughs or huge capital investments. Instead what is required is change in habits, patience, foresight and removal of barriers which prevent the implementation of these recommendations. There are countries like China, Japan, United States that are putting in great efforts to reduce energy consumption.