Dieter Rams’ Chair-Design Reissued by Vitsœ

Renowned furniture brand Vitsœ has re-launched the German designer and Braun’s ex-head of design, Dieter Rams’ classic chair.

The first design came out back in 1962 as “The 620 Chair Programme” and according to Vitsœ, it has been “re-engineered comprehensively”. Last year, the company was granted a global license to manufacture furniture designs of Rams’.

Like Rams’ previous “606 Universal Shelving System”, this chair is adaptable to form a sofa by joining other chairs.

Dieter Rams' Chair-Design Reissued by Vitsœ

It will mark the 50th anniversary of the chair and will be available all-over from May 9.

The new production shows quite an attention-to-detail and revives the traditional upholstery skills so as to ensure that the chair last for generations.

The aniline-dyed leather used in the chair fully reinforces that. And all this has been done, without adding further digits to the price-tag.

When it came out back in the 60’s, it won every possible award and was exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. But in 1968, the design was copied and Niels Vitsœ, co-founder, fought a lengthy battle in court that resulted in the chair getting a copyright protection in 1973.