Columbia Forest Products ties up with Mod Mom Furniture

Mod Mom Furniture announced recently that from now on they will be using PureBond hardwood plywood products in their line of toy boxes (wooden) and other furniture for children. Coming from the house of Columbia Forest Products, PureBond hardwood plywood is one of the finest North American materials containing no added formaldehyde, which makes it healthier and kid-friendly.

Kiersten Hathcock, President, Mod Mom’s Furniture said that parents these days are more interested in the indoor air quality of the product rather than being selfish towards the style, durability and “U.S. made” badge. PureBond panels ensure that the parents are receiving the best domestically-sourced and quality furniture.

Mod Mom Furniture

Hathcock added further that the motto of the company clearly expresses this particular plywood to be the ideal choice for those customers seeking only 100% wood materials, without the use of any kind of formaldehyde in their cabinetry, fixtures and furniture.

Not only the panels give a real wood appeal, they also provide light weight, durable and strong performance. They are perfect for building cabinets, shelves, bookcases, furniture and other various furnishings and can easily beat any such panels made from MDF, “manufactured wood” materials and particleboard. PureBond also features water resistance properties.