Archihaus Submits Plans for 150 Low-Energy Homes in UK

UK based architecture firm Archihaus has submitted an application for planning one of the largest-scale housing project in the UK.

archihaus housing

Some of the designers claim that the new housing project is known to be the biggest example of low-energy homes that use Passivhaus construction approach – a method that uses less energy for cooling and heating.

Archihaus has applied for the permission to build about 150 homes that will be built using Passivhaus technique. The developer employed renowned design firms Churchman Landscape Architects and Architype for the project and applied to the Herefordshire Council for complete planning permission for the houses to be built in Kingstone.

The houses will be designed in such a way that they will be shallower according to the depth and will be much wider in the frontage when compared to the other developer houses. According to the company, this approach will help in creating a much more flexible and also a spacious layout.

The houses will be build wonderful landscapes and will have swales, native hedgerows and wetlands. There will also be a green community space that will feature orchards and allotments.