Online Interior Design is in Popularity among Consumers

The idea of shopping all your home furnishings from the comfort of your home is definitely gaining popularity. To top that, getting your rooms designed from a professional online is the next big thing in this niche. There are a number of companies that have come to the foray to offer such a service.

Laurel & Wolf or San Francisco Decorist who are a popular online interior design company have been around since a couple of years only. They are not already working with big design teams and are adding over 50 different projects each month. The reason for its popularity is the fact that they are accessible to people in a much better way when compared to the traditional interior design apps.

Online Interior Design

There has been a real trend among the middle class who are paying well for affordable traditional designs. Most of these services follow a similar format where the people visit the website of the company, provide answers to specific questions, upload photos of their rooms, and choose among the packages that are on offer. These packages are available at a few hundreds of dollars and not the usual thousands.

Social media platforms like Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram and more have made people a lot design savvy than it used to be there before. People are not only using such services but are spending a lot of time on these platforms as well. The only flipside to this is that power of choosing makes the service a lucrative offering but with more options you are often left confused. For instance, you might come across 200 or more images that you like on Pinterest for a living room but with so many options you end up getting confused with the best one to go for.