Small Space Home Office Design Ideas

Interior home design demands extensive analysis and assessment of what is the best way to use a particular space. Small space home office design ideas are one step beyond decorating just a home. Offices are highly functional room and their design needs to be totally in accordance with the business of the office.


Space beneath stairs can hardly be used for something very productive. Therefore, it can serve the purpose with right small space home office design ideas. Obviously, the decor depends upon the kind of operation that will take place in the office and the space available.

Attic is another great place. Subtle small space home office design ideas can really transform attics into cosy offices. Depending upon the weather condition, portable fan or air-conditioner can be used for cooling. Similar to attics are the tops rooms in houses with slanting roofs, which provide prism-like space inside which there is often enough for a few people to move and sit.

Small Space Home Office Design Ideas


The room beneath the stairs usually has a wall on the same side where the stairs rise. This provides a perfect position for an L-shaped desk or computer cabinet. If the room is too little, only a straight desk installed into the wall can be created. Whichever type of desk is used in any small space home office, adequate room for legs must be ensured. Even the best interior design idea is no good if the legroom is not given due importance.

Storage space can be incorporated to the desk variously. There can be drawers, vertical sliders, hinge-door cabinets, etc. A glass panel is preferable for enclosed file storage space so that the folders and files are visible from outside. Movable set of draws or small cupboards are among the great small space home office design ideas because they facilitate convenient cleaning underneath.


Shelves have to be there above the desk for storage. Shelves can be totally or partially open or even completely closed with sliders or hinged doors. The basic small space design idea for shelves and storage compartments depends upon the frequency of usage. Documents or other materials are broadly of 3 types – frequently used, occasionally used and rarely used. There should be open shelves within the reach of hands for storing frequently used items. Since these items are often used, even light dusting is sufficient as daily cleaning.

Drawers or other shelves that can be closed are appropriate for occasionally used items. They can be at greater height or at other corners for which the occupant may have to stretch or even stand to reach. There is no issue involved with storing rarely used documents. Storage meant for them can be better kept locked to avoid putting anything into them in hurry or unintentionally.