10 Creative Ways to Update Kitchen Cabinet

Now-a-days, in the 21st century everyone is trying to be modern or to get a fresh look at every aspect. Kitchens are much more than only where one can prepare the meals. Nowadays, the kitchen is the main place of the house, the dining room, and the one room in the home where the family members spend the most of their quality time together. To update the kitchen one can brighten the room with a cabinet paint, add some handy storage materials like a pullout cabinet or a freestanding rack, or even build a window seat with the stock cabinets.

1. Replace the cabinet doors

The new cabinets are very much expensive, but one can very easily get the different look of a brand new kitchen just by giving a complete replacement to the cabinet doors. If the cabinet boxes are in a good condition, then it is a great option for a renovation of the kitchen on a reasonable budget.

2. Reface instead of replace

 To give a new look to the cabinets in the kitchen, one can reface the ends of cabinets with the bead board and the paneling or molding. When the kitchen is freshly painted it will look like a brand new custom kitchen.

3. Architectural adding

The brackets and the corbels under the overhead cabinets, open the different shelves and the breakfast bars which can transform the kitchen cabinets from the ordinary to the original. For an inspiration, one can check on the internet how the sample kitchen cabinets added some affordable architectural detail to the old kitchens.

Creative Ways to Update Kitchen Cabinets

4. Paint is a fantastic way to update kitchen cabinets

While the color white is the most traditional and the classic choice, but there are a variety of color options for a fresh look for the kitchen cabinets.

5. Create a glass front cabinet

One can upgrade the kitchen by giving an ordinary cabinet door a glass front door. The carpenter cuts the center of the cabinets and a glass store can insert the glass for an affordable new cabinet.

6. Box in above cabinets

If someone has an awkward open area above the cabinets which only serves as the dust collector, then that individual can give the cabinets a more customized look by the boxing in the open space and simply by adding the crown molding and the trim.

7. Add jewelry

The hardware is like the jewelry on the cabinet, the right piece may elevate an ordinary cabinet to something new.

8. Give two colors

One can also upgrade the kitchen with two versions or two types of color which gives a different yet stylish look.

9. Remove the cabinet doors

The cabinets with the doors give a neat look, but in some houses the kitchen consists of the cabinets without the doors which are called the shelves.

10. Lighting

There are also different creative ways to update the kitchen cabinet such as adding LED lights on the walls or even hanging a small but beautiful chandelier can also bring in a lot of changes to the overall ambience of the kitchen.