Eco-friendly Living Rooms for Better Health and Better Homes

An eco-friendly living room is the main motto of 2014 for interior designing of your home. The most fascinating rooms in the home are the living rooms and hence they need to be well decorated and well designed so they look good while consuming less energy. Living rooms are also the places that have most of the power-consuming products such as the TV, aquarium, fancy chandeliers, etc and thought should be given even to see that energy is preserved well here.

Turning the unfriendly and stiff living room to a cozy and warm room in an eco-friendly manner is a great idea of renovation. The eco-friendly ways relate to the elements like walls, furniture and floor that can decorate the room in a new way and pump the enthusiasm in your life while also saving a lot of money. While the usage of energy in the home and in particular in the living rooms can be reduced to a great extent with a simple life style there are again some tips and ideas that will help in making the room an eco-friendly haven even with everything in place.

Eco-friendly Living Rooms

Freshen up

Get rid of the old look and give a face lift to the living room with some new and eco-friendly products. Redecorate the room with leather armchair or some bamboo furniture to give it a natural look. Add some fresh flowers instead of artificial flowers to breathe in the new fragrance and colors in your room.

Introduce eco-friendly furniture

Ottoman is an eco-friendly and new style furniture introduced in the market. It is made up of environment-friendly and versatile materials like recycled metals and sustainable wood. This will give a new look as well as induce the benefits of eco-friendly products by reducing the harms posed by chemicals.

Warm color paints

To improve the air quality of the room, the paint that is chosen for the rooms should be of warm color with no VOC content. Paints with VOC have very strong odor and reduce the air quality. So to be relaxed and healthy just get rid of paints with VOC and go for natural paints that are made of naturally occurring materials such as chalk, lime, clay and linseed oil.


Give your room a comfortable green makeover. Deck with new elements made of natural products and give a more sophisticated look to your living rooms. Getting new doors or denim blue paint can be a good idea for a new and comfortable look of your living room.

Classy walls

Instead of using simple colors for the walls, choose textured paints made up of natural substances like natural pigments and clay plasters. These have negative ion contents that keep away the dust and pollen and induce fresh air in the room.

Rejuvenate the old

For having a rustic look with eco-friendly theme, you can use salvaged wood for decorating the living room – or any other room for that matter. The bamboo or timber can be used as shelves in the room.


Old furniture can be recycled smartly with eco-friendly products. Old sofas or arm chairs can be given a new look with organic covers. This not only is a cost-cutting method but also cuts down the wastage.

Be natural

While renovating the room, keep in mind to have enough space for natural light in the room. Cutting down the use of artificial light can be beneficial for health as well electricity saving. Using simple design panels and curtains made of organic fabrics can help in this.

Renewable carpets

Carpets give an elegant and classy look to the living rooms. Choose carpets made of renewable resources like corn sugar for an eco-friendly look.

Light up

Introduce the CFL light bulbs for warm and natural lighting. This will reduce the power consumption and gives a bright look to the room as well.

Creating truly eco-friendly living rooms can be a tricky task but it will surely make you room a better place for living if proper care is taken.