Top 10 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

The look and appearance of the entire kitchen can be transformed with stylized cabinets. The top kitchen cabinet trends help in bringing a change in the look of the kitchen. You can transform your kitchen with the installation of new cabinets or with the resurfacing of the old cabinets. Moreover, if the home owner is considering selling the house, every prospective buyer would look for a beautiful kitchen that should as well be functional. Choose among the latest kitchen cabinet trends to make your kitchen look lovely.

1. Remodelling the kitchen cabinet

The renovation of the kitchen would require remodelling of the kitchen cabinet. It is good to go for modern cabinets as they impart a linear look to the kitchen. These cabinets not only look sophisticated but also save a lot of space.

Remodelling the kitchen cabinets

2. Matching the colors

There is another point to remember which is to choose the color for the cabinets in such a way that it matches with the color of the tiles. White is always versatile. Whereas the choice of the design and style of cabinets should always be determined by the dominant pattern of the kitchen, that is to say, on whether it is traditional or modern.

Matching the colors

3. Make them more functional

The kitchen cabinets, in the old days, were said to be well equipped if they had an in-built spice rack and a lazy Susan. There are quite a few storage options available which includes pullout trays, narrow spaces, and breadboxes.

more functional kitchen cabinets

4. Add customized drawers

The cabinets are also available with customized drawers. The swinging doors that revealed all the objects placed inside have now given way to the pullout doors that are attached to the shelves for pans and pots, racks for dry and canned goods, garbage bins and holders for recycling.

customized drawers

5. Ceiling-to-floor arrangement

One of the recent additions to the kitchen cabinet trends is the ceiling-to-floor arrangement of cabinets. This is a great way to save space as the cabinets would accommodate every article in the kitchen. These cabinets usually go well with windows that are oversized and open cabinetry.

Ceiling-to-floor arrangement

6. Addition of more features

The cabinets, in the present times, are more efficient and intelligent while being packed with features. They can hide almost everything.

7. Mix of colors with a white backdrop

Colored cabinets look fabulous against a white backdrop. When the walls are white, the interiors of the cabinets can be given a burst of colors with all the loud tones. The cabinet doors when made of glass would show the colored shelves.

Colored cabinets

8. Usage of wooden polish

The traditional wooden polish on the cabinets is not just sophisticated but is a favourite of all times. This cabinet trend goes well with the traditionally designed kitchens, rather than with the modern ones. Contrasting colors will bring about a change in the kitchen.

wooden polish

9. Unconventional ways

How about going the unconventional way in kitchen cabinetry? Mismatching the cabinet designs and colors would offer a modern touch to the kitchen.

10. Get rid of the boring and dull styles

To play off the dull and monotonous style of the cabinets, they can be embellished with fancy feet, under-counter corbels, and arched openings.