Create a Home Office with a Garden Studio

If you need a dedicated home office, a garden studio could be the perfect solution without expensive building work or changes to your house.

Garden studios are often used for additional rooms where home extensions are not possible or practical. More people are seeking dedicated home offices as flexible working and remote working practices become increasingly common.

Garden Studios for a Home Office

Home offices are becoming increasingly important to many workers – not just those who negotiate to work from home a few days a week or even full time. Those who are self employed and who work from home, know how crucial a dedicated working space is. More and more people are installing garden studios to create home offices to help accommodate this change in the way we work.

Home Office with a Garden Studio

Ergonomics, as well as dedicated space is crucial for an employee’s welfare. Garden studios are ideal for a home office because they not only offer a dedicated space but are somewhat separated from the rest of the family home. Having a pathway up to a dedicated office space has a psychological as well as physical effect, allowing home workers to separate home life from working life. There’s nothing worse than claiming a little space in a lounge, kitchen or bedroom to set up an office – it can ruin the feelings associated with those rooms as places to unwind, relax and escape. A garden studio ensures you can mentally ‘go to work’ even if you are at home.

A Garden studio for a Dedicated Work Space

Home workers are said to be more productive than office-based workers. Research shows that the average home worker spends seven hours a day working, with 15% working a dedicated ten hours a day. National Work from Home Day who did the survey found home workers felt there were fewer distractions at home with two-thirds working extra hard to prove they weren’t just sat watching daytime TV. The questionnaire also discovered that 69% of workers would work from home given the choice – and with the new legislation in flexible working, there could be a bigger demand for garden studios to create a dedicated home office space. Around 12% of employees in the UK work from home – around 3.4 million people. Work Wise UK, who initiated the National Work from Home Day, say home working can enhance the work-life balance and improve productivity. The benefits include no commuting (also good for the environment). Chief executive of Work Wise, Phil Flaxton said in a press release that home working was a ‘win-win situation’ with no downside. But anyone who has tried to set up an office hunched over the kitchen table will know there are downsides – if you do opt to embrace the home working lifestyle, it’s important you create a dedicated home office. Click here for garden studios.