The Significance of Using Coco-Mat Mattresses

While you might be busy in changing the looks of either whole of your home or office, care must be given to even small objects such as a mat or mattresses. These are of high importance as they pose a threat and a huge risk to both human and pets. These can be replaced by the Coco-mat mattresses as they are highly advantageous than the usual mattresses. This helps your home or office to be maintained neat and clean. These mattresses are made of 100% recyclable materials and are in high demand among many.

Uses of Coco-mat mattresses

The Coco-mat mattresses are made from the coconut that is derived from the part of the coconut in between its husk and the outer shell. It is golden in color and hence called as the golden fiber. These are at first pale in color and then with various processes achieve a golden hue. Initially this choir is fine and soft but later they become very strong and also are firm. This is owing to the structure of the choir which is hollow and narrow in nature. This is also owing to the presence of deposits called lignin in the choir.

These Coco-mat mattresses are waterproof in nature and are also resistant to the sea water. There are also two major types of coir such as the white and brown color. The white ones can be used for processing by sea water and ordinary water, the brown coir is processed using fresh water. It offers excellent padding against the extreme temperature and also acts as sound proof. It is very easy to wash and clean and is also highly durable in nature and free of maintenance. It offers a great degree of resistance to fungi, moths, molds and other such things. This is owing to the resistance towards moisture.

Coco-mat mattresses

Buying Coco-mat mattresses

While buying these Coco-mat mattresses you can opt for those in white coir and brown coir. These types of coir have various strengths and durability and can last up to many years of usage and have found its place in all offices and homes.  They are mainly used in places where there is a high traffic area as it is capable of withstanding any amount of dirt or grime. This also has the ability to hold any amount of sand and dust without letting it fly or scatter in too many places. This makes it an excellent option for all places and at all seasons.

There are various types of Coco-mat mattresses such as the braided, plaited, twisted, stitched, hand-made and machine made versions. You can avail them at any online shopping sites and can choose from a wide variety of options. There are also some hand painted ones and dyed versions of the mattresses to offer a hint of beauty and style.

You can also find some types of Coco-mat mattresses having discounts and some with a combination of white and brown coir combo. This way you can own some unique ones at good rates.