Transform your Shower Room with the Best Decor Ideas

A well designed shower room can be quite useful in case you have a large family. A shower room can be built based on the size of the house or the bed room it is attached to. A suite shower room can be a great compromise for those who love to have a luxurious bathroom but do not have enough space for the same. Design is the right key for a shower room which is small. It can get very easy to design it wrong and make it inconvenient to use or a wrong design can even make it look cramped. As there are a lot of things which need to be stuffed inside the shower room, designing small places can be quite tricky.

Shower Room with the Best Decor Ideas

Let us look at some tips while designing small shower rooms.

  • Choose smaller size basins and toilets.
  • Opt for simpler designs.
  • Pay more attention to the layout of the shower room like the way the door is placed.
  • Titles add an amazing sense of space in any room. So choosing the right tiles is necessary. Porcelain tiles are water proof and are priced low and are the best choice for many.
  • Keep the accessories to a minimum as more things can make the shower room look cluttered.
  • Using mirrored cup boards can also save a lot of space and choose the colours based on the colours of the tiles.

There are also quite a number of ideas which can be implemented to remodel your existing shower room. Before you start to remodel, it is also important to keep in mind the dimensions of the shower room as it helps to limit the plans as well as visions. Some of the ideas that should be considered when trying to remodel the shower room include:

  • Use of pedestal sinks instead of large vanity sized cabinets saves a lot of space.
  • A major flaw while designing the room is the door swing, which is considered a money saver. Paying attention to the same helps to create 25% of usable space.
  • Windows are a must in any shower room as they provide light and ventilation. But these can use up the space which can be used for other components and can also affect your budget. So, use them only if required.
  • Placing of the toilet, sink and the bath tub on the same wall also helps to save space and also saves the plumbing as well as the finishing costs.
  • Use of lighter colours or light shaded wall papers for the shower room will make the room look brighter and larger. Peaceful colours can always make any room look spacious.
  • Tiles pay a major part in the design of the shower room. Laying the tiles diagonally makes even a small room look larger.
  • Keeping the closet space outside the bathroom also helps to save space inside the room. Another alternative to the same is to use wainscoted shelves behind the sink as it can be opened up and used for storage.
  • Start re-modelling your shower room today and see what best you can do.