Ten Unique Bathroom Makeover Ideas

You can improve the look of your bathroom in following ways:

  1. Organic accents: You can include organic texture to improve the look of your bathroom. You can also achieve such a feeling by woven basket, fringed towels, wooden carved stool etc.
  2. Shapely tiles: Shapely tilesYou can opt for checkered style floor tiles to make your bathroom trendy before the guests. Besides, you can add white cabinetry and walls to obtain the desired effects.
  3. Wall quoting: While having bath, you can also draw inspiration from famous quotes that are posted on the bathroom wall. For that you should be using letter decals or stencils to transform the aura of your bathroom.
  4. Sculptural tub: A well-sculpted sleek bathtub can also play a vital role to transform the bathroom look.Make sure that it perfectly fits your budget and existing space area.
  5. Floor tile of Herringbone: This type of tile apart from imparting a similar look of the wooden tiles also costs quite less. At the same time, it keeps your floor free from moisture and bacteria.
  6. Driftwood mirror: Driftwood mirrorIt comprises a glossy transparent glass cover which not only offers you privacy but also makes your bathroom look truly adorable and modern.
  7. Mosaic tiles: You can use blue mosaic tiles to cover the existing wall and floor of your bathroom with oversized head of shower to obtain an eye-catching impact.
  8. White and black combination: For gaining a more matured look within your bathroom, you can paint its floor and wall with well intricate black and white patterns.
  9. Beach style: For getting this style, you can use frameless mirror, shell like simmering backsplash and other relevant items.
  10. Wooden shiplap look: It is another popular bathroom style that shall reveal your sophisticated taste before the guests.