Practical Tips on Updating Your Bathroom

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most heavily used spaces in your home. No wonder then that the area is chock a block with a range of supplies and fixtures, starting from toiletries to washbasins and everything in between. Since the bath experiences a heavy footfall all through the year, the space tends to pick up a high amount of dirt and grime as well as stays more moistened than other rooms in the dwelling.

Therefore, it follows that you would have to clean the bath frequently, at least once in a month, to keep the premises spic and span. Nevertheless, you will not have to embark on a massive revamp when or whenever it comes to updating your bathroom. Following are some DIY tips or tricks you can follow without having to spend a fortune.

Practical Tips on Updating Your Bathroom

  1. Give the bath a thorough scrubbing first

As mentioned above, the bath happens to get filthy and soiled faster than other areas in the house and also retains a high level of moisture due to extensive use of water for ablutions. The tiles on the floor and on the walls as well as the grouts in between the tile spaces get filled up with grime. On the other hand, the shower head, faucets, bathtub, and the washbasin are covered with a whitish to grayish layer.

So, the very first task that you would have to carry out with regards to updating your bathroom is to thoroughly scrub the aforementioned areas using a quality cleaning solution and a heavy duty scrubber. Make sure that the entire space looks spotless and gleaming once you are through with the job.

  1.  A fresh coat of paint can work wonders

Do you remember the last time you painted the bathroom? Your eyes must have grown weary from staring at the walls that appear drab and dingy as the coating has become discolored and started to come off. Give a fresh lease of life to the walls by daubing them with a fresh coat. You can choose from a range of colors, however stick to a shade that gels with the décor of the bath and also capable of resisting moisture and compatible to wipe cleaning conveniently.

  1. Replace old fittings for giving a facelift

You wish to bring back the brand new look of your bath but cannot afford to spend a ton on the refurbishments. Of course, there is a solution at hand. Replace the old faucet on the sink and the toilet seat that look like pieces of antique. Go for new clothes rails, chrome or ceramic roll holders, and so on.

  1. Change the blinds and shower curtains

Pick and choose from graphic Nordic prints, classic florals, and beachside patterns for a visual focus, perfectly contrasting with the light colored interiors, when you shop for a new shower curtain. Replace the old blinds with one that accentuates the overall look.

  1. Let there be more light

Brightening up the bathroom puts the accent on the bathroom’s immaculateness. Depending on your preference, you can select from an array of ambient lights, spotlights or domed lightings.   


Rounding up, the tips outlined above are just a few guidelines on updating your bathroom. There are numerous other hacks that you can abide by in order to keep the area looking clean, like putting in potted plants, adding new accessories including bathmat, soap case, and so on.