Practical and Trendy Medicine Cabinets to Freshen Up Your Bathrooms

Medicine cabinets are essential bathroom accessories that can transform the look of your bathroom while perfectly organizing your morning rituals. These can be practical and stylish, and can add color to your bathroom, whether it’s a small or spacious one.

Designing your bathroom with a medicine cabinet that coordinates with the other items in the bathroom, can help accentuate your sink and tub, and may really help organize your morning routine. Many of these cabinets double as storage units and mirrors, giving your bathroom the perfect makeover without having to worry about saving space.

There are many types of medicine cabinets available today that can fit your needs, and will perfectly blend with your bathroom’s style.

While corner cabinets, and those available as plain rectangular mirrors, are perfect for small bathrooms, oval shaped and vintage (or antique) medicine cabinets are preferred by home owners having more roomy bathrooms. The most important thing to consider with any cabinet is functionality.

Medicine Cabinets

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant medicine cabinet, the surface mount cabinet is the best option as it can be hung on a wall simply – like a picture frame. They are also available in a range of depths to suit your specific needs.

Recessed medicine cabinets can add a sort of luxury to your bathroom, while the corner cabinets can be ideal for bathrooms that are a bit smaller. Corner cabinets make efficient use of the available space and also allow you to use the wall space for something else, like art or lighting.

Another type of medicine cabinet that is both decorative and practical is the tri-view medicine cabinet, having three mirrored panels. These generally have more storage space, and may make organization easier.

To make both your bathroom and the time you spend in your bathroom less chaotic, there are many well-renowned stores such as Home Click that offer these medicine cabinets at discounted rates. They are usually available in different materials and in prices ranging from as low as $50 to more than $3000.

The pricing range reflects the variety and the quality of the cabinets available in the market today, to completely redo your bathroom with beautiful storage and mirror space.

It is a good idea to search for a medicine cabinet that fits perfectly in your bathroom, while maintaining a healthy distance between the toilet and the toothbrush.