Beautiful Bathrooms – Hotel Luxury in Your Own Home

You do not have to splash out on a spa break to experience hotel luxury – with a little design inspiration and a few tips and tricks, you can relax in spa-like decadence every day in your own home. Giving your bathroom a high spec hotel finish requires a few key elements:

The Suit

Opt for a suit that is sleek and simple. Plain white is a good option for all looks, and a modern, unfussy look is best. If you have space, consider a free standing bath for an ultra-luxurious feel. Alternatively, for a true spa experience opt for a whirlpool bath with water jets and adjustable settings. The suit and the labour involved in fitting it will be the most expensive part of your bathroom refit, but do not be tempted by ‘bundle’ deals from DIY stores; often fitting is outsourced to local tradesmen in any case and the retailer will take a cut if they organise it.

bathrooms designs


For a sleek hotel feel, choose natural stone or marble effect tiles and keep one finish throughout the room; that means the same tiles on the walls and on the floor. It is possible to the tiling yourself if you make sure you research the right tools and techniques. There are plenty of youtube tutorials by professionals that will take you through it step by step. Your tiles will be the most expensive commitment apart from the bathroom suite itself, so utilise the resources offered by online stores like The Yorkshire Tile Company to calculate how many tiles you will require and to help you choose the right tiles for your needs.


Opt for recessed light fixtures where possible to avoid breaking up clean lines (or giving yourself extra cleaning!) If your bathroom has a window, avoid the need for drapes or blinds by fitting frosted glass. If re-glazing your bathroom seems a step too far, you can buy frosted window film which gives a similar effect at a fraction of the cost. If your bathroom is an internal room, consider a sun-tunnel as an investment to add value to your home as well as provide natural light.

bathroom lighting designs

Accents and Accessories

Hotel luxury comes in many varieties and personal preference will dictate colours and finishes. For a sophisticated feel, opt for chrome accents and polished marble. An infinity mirror can open up small spaces and you should opt for ‘hidden’ functionality like under floor heating. For those preferring a more ‘natural’ spa feel, wooden accents complement light natural stone and simple additions such as a green leafy plant or beeswax candles are the perfect finishing touch.