10 Unique Bathroom Makeover Ideas

One should incorporate these 10 unique bathroom makeover ideas so that the bathroom becomes an alluring place to get fresh. It also enhances the market value of a home. A bathroom with old and outdated accessories looks odd and lifeless. There are many magazines, websites which feature designs of various modern and stylish bathrooms. Even there are various interior modeling services also available which provides expert assistance in order to remodel the bathroom completely. But if anyone follows these ten ideas, then also he/she will be able to give the bathroom a new and dashing look and modernize it in a different way.

1. Upgrading the vanity and sink

The old fashion sinks which used to stand by taking the support from the ground are out of the market. The fastest change in a bathroom can be brought by replacing the vanity cabinet. Though vanity cabinets are available in various shapes and sizes, but still they don’t go with the ultra modern bathrooms. A replacement for such vanities is boxy or slender vanities. Rather than having larger area, separate storage drawers are preferable. The floating vanities available can also be chosen since they make the bathroom look clean and spacious.

2. Upgrading the faucets

Though small in size, but the faucets create a big impact on the total look of the bathroom. Various faucets are available now-a-days with new designs, and the one should be chosen which blends with the theme of the bathroom. A few styles which look classy and are new in the market are Victorian retro, Asian bamboo etc.

Unique Bathroom Makeover Ideas

3. Replacing older shower heads

Upgrading the old shower head with the trendy ones can be a good thing to do in order to give your bathroom a makeover. Using glass shower doors is a good idea. These doors make the bathroom look luxurious and sophisticated.

4. Having a spa-like experience

One can experience spa by using multi-functional shower heads and the area to have shower should be enclosed with glass walls and doors. Their look is more enhanced if the walls are of stone tiles.

5. Enhancing the lighting

Mood lighting is in fashion now-a-days. There are various kinds of lighting sets also available in the market that might fit any kinds of theme and style of modern day bathrooms. Ceiling track lighting, wall lamps are a few among those many options available in lighting the bathroom.

6. Giving the floors a makeover

The flooring gives the bathroom a sense of warmth and also the room an attitude it requires. Now solid flooring colors are preferred by all and they usually blend with the style of the rest of the bathroom.

7. Keeping towel racks

These are small things which many people miss, but still are important as they increase the usability and efficiency of the bathroom. They also make the bathroom look organized.

8. Painting or applying wallpaper

One can choose to either apply various wallpapers to the wall of the bathroom. Painting can also be an option. But while painting is not that complex to do, applying wall papers is a cost effective option.

9. Using curtains for the windows

This can add an extra glaze to the bathroom. They also protect the privacy of the person inside the bathroom.

10. Keeping a room freshener

In order to keep the ambiance of the bathroom nice and blooming a room freshener can be kept in one corner, like on the window sill or over the top of any cabinet. This might be mentioned in the last but is a very important point among the 10 unique bathroom makeover ideas.