Has Marbles found an Integral role in present day Home Interiors?

Different trends in home interiors have been changing and making their way to common homes every year. Stone finds a special place when it comes to completing the look of any room or house as a whole. They have come in different shapes and types over the years and has the ability to completely transform the way a place looks like. As per Mathhew Williamson, Tricia Fuild and Ted Baker, stone is one of the critical elements, especially marble which finds a special place in home interiors.

marble the latest trend in home interiors

They believe, marble to be a proving element and a material of the moment for different interior schemes. These can appear great when clubbed with rustic styles and blended with natural materials from both wood and stone. More recently it has been used along with minimalistic designs and offers a great blend of luxury with classicism. On one hand limestone and marbles are a great element that goes well with bleached wood and neutral palette. While on the other, geometric coloured marbles which were in vogue in the 50s have shown its comeback in the last few years. These have been popular due to their pleasing visual qualities.

marble the latest trend in home interiors

In case people are still thinking about its ability, then they should come across green through dramatic black that are used on wallpapers as well as fabrics. One of the tips they provide is to have a powerful looking single wall clubbed with lighter tones and shades on the other 3. Combining natural stones, graphite, pebbles, etc. goes well with both contemporary accent colours as well as the classic variants. It makes them appear versatile for all kinds of tastes and preferences. It additionally offers a cool canvas to the interiors as well. There are a number of other useful ideas which these three have come up with by using the element of marble and making it one of the powerful elements for home interiors.