The 5 Most Fabulous Modern Apartment Designs

In the modern era, style and trend is given a lot of importance. Everyone would want to have a modern and a fabulous apartment with all the amenities along with good and modern interiors but a compact one. Let’s discuss about 5 such apartment designs and look at their specialities to be one of the fabulous designs among the modern apartments.

1. Loft Apartment by Oneta/Sousa Arquitectura

Loft Apartment by Oneta

This loft apartment with a total area of 47 square metres is spacious and also compact and is perfect for a newly-married couple who would want to move to a modern apartment. The apartment has very big windows which make it airy and Blanche. There is a spacious and a compact washroom, a living room which is attached to the dining hall with an open kitchen and two spacious bedrooms. The interiors are quite modern and stylish for a modern family to live in.

2. Loft by Grupo Promart

Loft by Grupo Promart

A modern apartment with 58 square metres area designed by Grupo Promart is a beautiful one with a loft bed, living-dining room and a kitchen which is separated by a spiral staircase from the living room which leads to the bedroom. The bathroom is near the entrance behind the kitchen. The house is filled with a lot of ambience with white interiors with contrasts of orange on them and dark wood floors.

3. CREA Projects Loft

CREA Projects Loft

The next fabulous design is designed by CREA Projects which is modern and stylish at the same time. This apartment is designed in an area of 67 square metres with a spacious living room divided by an open shelf from the kitchen and the dining hall. This shelf is against the wall shared by the bathroom and the bedroom which is just on the top of the bathroom. This design gives a sort of industrial look to the apartment as the bricks and metal pipes are exposed from the bathroom area while the living area is modern made in white colour entirely with contrasts of black, orange and wood.

4. Penthouse Apartment, Sweden

Penthouse Apartment, Sweden

A modern apartment in Sweden has the all the features of the one of its kind covering an area of 84 square metres. This is a complex architecture designed with the bricks exposed partly and rounded windows. The ceiling is slightly slanted which gives a rich look to the apartment and also makes it look smaller. The designers of the apartment used every inch of it very efficiently and made it look fabulous.

5. Loft with geometric architecture, New York

Loft with geometric architecture, New York

The loft in New York with its geometrical ceiling looks amazing with lot of creativity and architecture. It is compact but not too small at the same time covering an area of 97 square metres. The living area is divided by the staircase from the kitchen with wooden cabinets and a bar. There is a working place behind the staircase while the bedroom features a semi-hovering bed and a reading nook. The interiors are majorly white finished with wood and black which gives a classy and a modern vintage look to the apartment.