Different Door Knobs Design Ideas for Modern Homes

The new door knobs design ideas help in imparting a decorative touch to the home interiors. In fact, the door knobs play quite a significant role in the entire house. Whereas, these are completely functional objects the ordinary door knobs can be quite dull and boring, this could play a spoilsport with the look of the interiors of a home.

Functionality of a door knob

A number of different purposes are served by the door knobs which depend on the way in which they are used. Quite undoubtedly, the most important of the purposes of installing door knob is the primary function. The most important of the purposes is opening or closing the door, because the function of the door knob is vital, it can also be decked up to make it decorative.

Different Door Knobs Design Ideas

Glass door knobs with different designs

There are different shapes and sizes in which the glass door knobs are available. The most popular among these door knob designs is the fluted glass knob design. This is in keeping with the designs of the glass knobs that were used in most of the Victorian homes. The fluted designs of glass knob have a timeless appeal that goes well not just with old homes but also with new homes. The glass knobs are available also in round, octagon, pumpkin, and oval designs.

Mixing functionality with great designs

While the doors in each room in the house are fitted with a door knob, it is important that the kind of door knob which is presently in place is tested. It should most likely be just a functional knob which was bought from a local hardware store. There is absolutely nothing troubling when the knob is simply functional, but there isn’t anything wrong with making it a little decorative either! However small it is, being decorative in it adds charm to the home interiors. There can be a number of styles such as the artistic style, colonial style, and southwest styles.

Different Door Knobs Design Ideas

Victorian door knob

For an ornate Victorian door knob there is a glass knob along with rosette plate. The door knob designs are different and they can show abstract designs with fleur de lis designs, curls, geometric patterns or simple scrollwork. This sheer Victorian style reminds of the homes that were constructed during this time and were a beautiful mix of different architectural designs and styles.

Modern brass door knob

Inside the home it is possible for every room to have a door knob upgrade. Choices are many varying between porcelain knobs, glass knobs, and crystal knobs which bring together functionality and beauty. There are brass door knobs too that come crafted with swirls and Helios or even sunbursts are a great idea for modern homes that seek to punch traditional touch with modernity.

The different door knobs design ideas leave the homeowners spoilt for choice while they mix functionality with aesthetics.