Curtain Rod Design Ideas

Not all rods can be used for your windows. Good curtain rod design ideas are mainly focused on the finials that are used in enhancing the room’s theme. Popular finial styles include scrolls, pomegranates, arrowheads, fleur de lys, round balls, leaves and vines.

Branch out

A nature-inspired work of art can be created just with pruners and white spray paint. Tie-top curtains can be utilized in adjusting the branch curves with no clips or rings being needed.

Hidden rods

Hidden rods come in double or single rod styles. Straight and long with two curving ends, the hidden rods are adjustable and comes in numerous sizes. However, they are also quite expensive. Concealed rods include sash rods, wide- pocket rods and tension rods.

Decorative rods

These rods are mainly concerned with the design, instead of the function. Decorative rods are straight and long with elaborate bracket, finial ends or sconce. Decorative rods come in wood and metal styles which are perfect for all types of shallow pocket curtains.

Curtain Rod Design Ideas

Cafe rods

These are lightweight and are made of brass or wood. Finial ends are often included here that can be used to hang curtains like cafe or tab-tied curtains. It is quite common in bathrooms and kitchens along with family rooms and dining rooms.

Traverse Rods

When one is going through some great curtain rod design ideas, they have to get smitten with these rods. These rods are used at the time of hanging rod-drawn curtains. Traverse rods are long-lived and durable. These are mainly used in those homes where the occupants close and open the curtains regularly.

Specialty rods

These rods are used less but do serve some unique purposes. One such specialty rods are mechanized rods that function with the flip of a switch. These rods are marketed only to a niche customer base but still can be considered when dealing with curtain rod design ideas.

Cornice rods

For some fancy window treatments such as festoons and balloons, these are the go-to rods. More than the “WOW”, these are mainly used for their utility factor.

Single rods

This is the most basic form of rod. Single rods can be found in numerous designs and styles. These rods can be installed easily and can used with rings, tie- tops and pocket curtains.

Tension rods

Curtain panels are snapped into place by the tension rods at the time of pulling them down to the windowsill. Springs are built into the rod so that at the time of pulling down the curtain panel, it immediately rolls back. A modern or casual look is portrayed by these rods and work great with thick and opaque fabric.