Best Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Everyone needs a bit of help when it comes to improve the appearance of their home interiors. While enhancing the interiors with ample spaces can be easy and dealt with a number of options, improving smaller spaces is definitely a challenge. Here are some clever ideas to design small spaces.

Light palettes

Considered as a great choice among many interior decorators across globe, light palettes are the best when it comes to coloring the walls to look bright and more spacious. Colors like French vanilla can do wonders to space up the small place as this will create the effect of fusillade towards balcony.

Table lamp for kitchen counter

For a more intimate space, place a lamp on the counter of the kitchen. In small houses, kitchen is much more than a utilitarian. A beautiful antique lamp will enhance the elegance of your kitchen.

Curtains with rich fabric

Linen and cottons are just out of fashion now. Opt for rich fabrics such as velvet, corduroy or suede for curtains and bed linen. This will compliment best with the light color paint of your room.

Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Enhance open spaces

For utilizing the small space, this idea will suit best for your lobby area. The open metal shelves placed in kitchen or outside kitchen look classy. Place colored baskets on it for storage and add a beautiful show piece to enhance the grace.

Place a big mirror

Placing a huge mirror in the living room or dining area can do wonders for small spaces. It reflects the light and makes the room look brighter and shinier. It also makes a space feel bigger than original.

Cozy dining

For small spaces, choosing a dining table with glass top and clear chairs is a great idea for your room. It will make the space visually bigger. An artwork hanged behind the table will add to shimmer. Try choosing dim lights for dining table as they will make the dining area look cozy and it may even turn out to be romantic for you.

Furnish bathroom

A small bathroom with light colored tiles and a hanging open shelve can be more beautiful than big ones. You must place a small table with drawers and store the toiletries in that. This way you will make a clean and tidy bathroom.

Light up gracefully

Good lighting system can change the entire look of your home. Investing in night lamps, side lamps or floor lamps is the latest trend. Get rid of old ceiling hanging and adopt the new one to make your home glamorous.

Blend of art

For decorating the wall go for the mix of modern art and traditional hangings. It will give a great look to your living room. Moreover welcome the contrast theme for your home. Everything matching was the past; the new trend is mix and match.

Avoid over accessorizing

Add accessories to your living room as you would add to your wardrobe. Add a little new every season. For small spaces, you should avoid big and heavy accessories as this will make the space looking over crowded or messy. Go for accessories that make the look neutral and airy.

The power of flower

This is a blooming idea for your space. Add a pattern in the corner as per the space available. Floral table covers or bed sheet can also make the look pleasant.