5 Stylish Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The cabinet doors of the kitchen are considered as significant factors towards a new kitchen design and the stylish ideas for kitchen cabinet doors certainly help in elaborating the kitchen as well as home design.

1. Louvered Style

Louvered Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The louvered style includes the use of horizontal wood slats which are generally utilized on interior doors, windows and furniture pieces. It helps in adding a unique style to the kitchen cabinet doors but price might prove to be a big factor as such cabinets are usually quite expensive. Majority of louvered doors consists of spaces between the slats making them ideal for cabinets which require extra ventilation similar to cabinets near the heater or cabinets used for drying clothes within the laundry room.

2. Shaker Style

Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Nowadays, majority of homeowners opt for the Shaker style of cabinet doors. This is a flat panel style which is made of five pieces consisting of one flat panel within the centre and frame made from four pieces. This type of cabinets actually gets their name from the distinct shaker furniture style which includes simple clean lines and emphasizes on the usefulness of the furniture. The shaker style kitchen cabinet doors are extremely popular as their unique style compliments nearly every decor starting from contemporary to traditional with variations in paint colours, hardware and wood stains. The style can be accommodated under different types of budgets depending on the wood being used.

3. Inset Style

Inset Kitchen Cabinet Doors

This happens to be an expensive style which offers a classic look and can last for long years. The design and construction of the door is done with exact measurements so that it can rest within the framework and can be opened and shut properly. These types of cabinet doors require hinges that are exposed which is another stylish aspect of this design.

4. Flat Panel

Flat Panel

The flat panel style consists of a single flat panel without offering any expensive or busy details. The simplistic design of these kitchen cabinet doors is perfect for kitchens with contemporary or modern designs and easy to update with various types of hardware. They are available in different colours and are budget-friendly too.

5. Beadboard Style


This style is quite popular among homeowners who prefer cottage style kitchen. The door’s central panel is constructed in such a manner that it looks like beadborad panelling which is commonly observed on living room or bathroom walls. Those with a liking for simple designed white cabinets can definitely opt for this style. While cleaning these cabinet doors, focus should be paid on the area between white beadboards as they are difficult to clean. With a little bit of attention and focus, the task of cleaning the areas become quite easy.

These stylish ideas for kitchen cabinet doors are the perfect way to enhance the look and feel of the entire kitchen area as well as the house. After all kitchen is the widely used areas of any house which makes it more than essential to make it a comfortable place to be in.