8 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Sleep Friendly

One of the biggest complaints of adults of all ages these days is that they do not or cannot get enough restful sleep. In order to be productive at work and in your relationships, you must make sleep a top priority. But to do that, you have to make some sleep friendly changes in your bedroom and in your life.

Invest in a quality mattress

You always get what you pay for. If you are still sleeping on the mattress you bought in college or are trying to get away with a futon, you are not getting the most healthful rest you can get. Invest in a mattress with good support and one that immediately relaxes you. Check out a retailer that specializes in understanding how a mattress meets your needs and invest in something high-quality. Your back will thank you in five more years. And while you’re picking up a quality mattress, why not invest in a cool, sturdy, comfortable bed frame too? Check out this site for a good collection of unique, modern, eco-friendly bed frames.

Pay attention to your senses

Now, the bed is not the whole picture. You have to look at the room itself. All of your senses should point toward relaxation. The fabrics you use in the room should be soft and comforting. Using some sort of air freshener or scent diffuser can also create a calming effect for your senses.

Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Sleep Friendly

Shhh…the space should be (relatively) quiet

Your sense of hearing is especially important when it comes to sleep. Your space should be as quiet as is relaxing for you. Complete silence may not be necessary for your sleep. Many people find a noise machine helpful to create noise where there is none, or to drown out distracting noise.

Chill out before bed

Do something calm before heading to sleep. Listen to some calm music, read a book, stretch or meditate. This will signal to your brain that it is time to relax and calm down. Stay away from screens, loud music, intense exercise, or anything work related.

Turn the lights off

This may seem like an obvious one, but the darker the room, the more healthful your sleep will be also. Turn of all lights (including night lights) in the room, and invest in room darkening curtains or blinds if you have street or car lights that infiltrate your sleep space.

Cooler is better

The temperature of your bedroom is also important. Cool is usually the most sleep friendly option for a good night’s rest. You don’t want it too cold or it will be hard to get to sleep. And certainly not too hot or you will likely wake up sweaty and unable to get back to sleep.

Cleanliness Matters

How clean and organized your bedroom is helps to also calm your state of mind. Your bedroom should be a calm oasis where your mind can turn off and relax. If there’s too much clutter, your brain will have a difficult time sending sleep signals to the rest of your body.

Sleep Only!

Lastly, make sure to utilize your bed and bedroom for only sleep and sex. Do not put a television in your bedroom and try to keep other electronics like phones and tablets out too. Your bedroom should only be associated with sleep for the best and most restful sleep.