A 7 Step History of the Oven

“The word “oven” might not be synonymous with the word “interesting” but rest assured, the oven is an integral part of modern civilisation – you just haven’t realized it yet.

Think about it, we’re the only species that cooks their food and conveniently, we’re also the only species that’s built cities and social structures. Coincidence? Me thinks not. Whilst hot food has become an essential part of modern society, our prehistoric ancestors (the hunter-gatherer folk know as Australopithecus) survived purely on a raw food diet. This and the need to hunt animals sapped up a lot of their energy and they had little time for anything else.

When, the virtues of a hot meal were discovered, things started changing. Our stomachs evolved and simultaneously, our minds did too. We spend less time hunting and worked on our relationships and communities. Many theorists have claimed that this kick started civilization as we know it today.

To learn more, check out this awesome interactive e-booklet and discover how important the invention of contained heat has been to the progression of mankind, it might just surprise you.”

A 7 Step History of the Oven